About The Arc

“Thanks to The Arc’s leadership workshop, I now have the tools to better advocate for my son, and the connections to find more resources.” –-Maureen M., Parent.
Our Mission

To improve the quality of life, increase the independence and assure the full inclusion in the community of all persons with developmental disabilities.

Our Vision

The Arc of Whatcom County will be an effective resource, a strong advocate and a dedicated base of support for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

DEI Statement

People in the disability community are diverse. They come from all backgrounds. They represent the full range of differences among people. We honor and respect the identities represented in our community and in our county. The Arc of Whatcom County will demonstrate this commitment to inclusion by actively seeking diversity in staffing, board, and membership composition, outreach, and programming.

Information and Referrals

Information and referrals are available from The Arc to help meet the unique and individual needs of people with developmental disabilities and their families. Every effort is made to provide the most useful assistance possible, professionally and confidentially.

Educational Programs and Workshops

Educational programs and workshops are sponsored throughout the year, to respond to the needs of parents, guardians and those who provide care for people with developmental disabilities. Public education programs help to inform the public about ways to prevent intellectual disabilities, and to help people understand the challenges and realities of developmental disabilities.

The Arc of Whatcom County provides information and referrals, educational programs, and funding for people with developmental disabilities, their families and the organizations that serve them. The Arc of Whatcom County is dedicated to meeting the needs of children and adults with developmental disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, autism and Down syndrome.

Because children with developmental disabilities require lifelong care, their families face a tremendous challenge. The Arc’s commitment is to ensure that whether it is a voucher for an infant car seat, specialized child care, help with special education services in the schools, vocational assistance after high school, or support to senior families with guardianship and long-term care planning, families who come to The Arc find the assistance that will make a difference in their lives.

In Whatcom County, over 2,000 persons with developmental disabilities, their families and service providers look to The Arc as their life-line, connecting them with available resources in our community and bringing them the latest information on ways to effectively meet the needs of their family members. State funded services place many children and families on waiting lists for 1-5 years. As our families’ needs continue to grow, State funded supports continue to shrink.

Each child with a developmental disability is unique, with diverse care issues. The challenge for our agency is to design and implement individualized services for each exceptional child and their family. Please help us help families find their place in our community.